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What Is US Farming Business – Essence, Turnover, Profit, Useful Resources

Farmers in the United States are considered any entrepreneurs who sell agricultural goods for the amount exceeding $ 1,000 annually. If the farm does not sell anything, or its annual turnover does not reach this amount, then this is considered a kitchen garden. All these organizations are recorded in the USDA as producers in the […]

The Share of Payday Loans for Food is Growing in the USA

Approximately 42.5 million Americans are living below the poverty line, and many people are already ready to buy food on credit. MFIs are seeing an increase in the share of payday loans for food, and although it is too risky to lend to those who cannot even buy food with their own money, the segment […]

Nutrition Science: What Should We Believe?

Does meat cause cancer or not? Can adults drink milk or not? Low-fat foods are solid good or evil embodied? Research says one thing or the other. And so the scientists told us why such a mess is going on in nutrition science. Once upon a time, the study of nutrition was a simple matter. […]